Tanner Text Book
1988, 1994, 2001, 2009 edits
Ron Presswood, DDS
1. Section One.  The Dental Pilgrimage and Teachings on Occlusion of Dr.
Henry M. Tanner, Index,  Forward - Dr. Mahan, Preface - Ron Presswood,  
Need - Introduction, Synopsis.

2. Section Two.  History - Dr. Tanner's outline and reminiscences.

3. Section Three.  About USC, LDPI and Gnathology, CMD diagnosis,
Object of Treatment, Charting

4. Section Four. CMD diagnosis, Radiography, Records, Tanner splint

5. Section Five. Outline for Splint Construction, Occlusal Types, Treatment

6. Section Six. Preliminary Clinical Phase, Splint insertion and adjustment

7. Section Seven. Splint Repair.  Refinement - Tedious and difficult

8. Section 8. Patient management, Reflections about the basis of and for
writing the book, Henry Tanners Terms and Concepts, Random Thoughts
from Henry Tanner, The Evolution of a Concept
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