Research Volunteers Needed
1. 16 October 2009 - Loughborough University is seeking participant volunteers for a
clinical research project which will evaluate the relative stability of different dental occlusal
designs.  If you are interested in participating in a dynamic study of dental occlusal function,
please open the attached link for an overview of the research project.  
2010 LU Research -
Varying Occlusal Wear.
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2. In late March 2012 a meeting was held at Loughborough to review the research of the
past 6 years the results of which have been published in various journals, primarily the
Journal of Oral Rehabilitation.  This meeting concluded the laboratory and clinical phases of
the tests designed to test the original suppositions.  The was a general exhilaration about the
work accomplished the last phase of which will be offered to the Journal of the American
Dental Association for publication.  The primary research Staff was Dr. Stephanie Forrester,
Dr. Sam Allen and Dr. Matt Pain of LU, Dr, Andy Toy, Mr Jon Bill and Larry Browne-c clinical
practitioners in UK, and Ron Presswood, Jr. PE and Ron Presswood, DDS of the US.
3. At this time 12/24/12 - no test subjects are needed.  However, future research projects
may require volunteers and we will post those projects as they are started.

4. Many thanks to those almost 70 individuals that have volunteered for the three
clinical trails.