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This collection of selected references account for about 5% of the referenced material read in the inceptive phases of
the evolution of  the suppositions that are the basis for the disciplined studies being conducted at Loughborough
University.  If there are papers which have been omitted and the searcher/reader wishes them added to the
bibliography, they may be emailed to info@pgocclusion and all due consideration will be given to their addition.  

We recognize that, while this is an old subject of much debate, it is an ever evolving area of study with ever more
sophisticated instrumentation.  It is readily apparent that there is not an existing, adequate answer that describes the
function of the human dental/occlusal system.  However, we believe the work represented in this integrated effort is
well disciplined, objective and as free of prejudice and bias as possible.

Thank you for your interest.

1. Anthropology

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2. Bone Physiology

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    C.)  Monograph –

3.  EMG Studies

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4. Evidence Based Dentistry

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5. Hannam

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6. Muscle Physiology

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7. Neuronal Pain

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8. Posterior Guided Appliances (PGA)

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9. Don Smith -

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10. T-Scan

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11.  References and notes - Ron Presswood, DDS

Publication bibliography, all sources.

B.) Tooth Wear Index - Melvin Moss

C.) Tooth Wear Index - Mahan, Gibbs, Lundeen, Danenberg

D.) Tooth Wear Index - General Occlusion

E.) Tooth Wear Index - Ramfjord and Ash

F.) Tooth Wear Index - Spee

G.) Tooth Wear Index - Stallard, Stuart    

12. Discovery Path - A dairy of the major steps taken on this path of research and study.  An
acknowledgement of the many efforts and contributions so generously given and shared.
Path of Discovery
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